IDYIA the Ancient Greek goddess of knowing, is the youngest yet most wise daughter of Oceanus. IDYIA is the goddess of knowledge and personificates the magical power of the Eye, which in Greek Superstition was the source of Witch's supernatural power strengthened by the beams of the ancestral sun. We are inspired by history, guided by nature and shared by knowledge. We have incorporated all natural hand picked in Greece ingredients to create a high quality product.

Each product has been individually crafted to offer a divine experience for our consumer which symbolizes our wisdom and knowledge. Our aim is to provide the best natural skincare whilst intertwining continuous research and exploration of naturally sourced ingredient benefits and skincare practices that serve as our guiding lights for the future. 

It all began when wandering the streets of a Greek town admiring the authenticity of natural beauty products. Inspired by two youthful siblings who took a leap and opened up there own extraordinary natural skincare brand that is Made in Greece - 

I D Y I A.